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(San Diego, CA – June 5, 2019) – With New York and Rochester set to begin play in the 2019-20 season, the National Lacrosse League announced today that the 2019 Expansion Draft will take place on July 9, 2019.

Ahead of the Expansion Draft, each team will designate 11 protected players before the June 25 deadline. Expansion teams are then allowed to select eligible players who are not on the protected list.

Current member clubs can protect a total of eleven players, comprised of up to one goalie and ten runners or eleven runners and no goalie.  In both scenarios, only five of the protected runners can be offensive players which must be approved by the Commissioner. The San Diego Seals will lose two players through the Expansion Draft.  Clubs are not allowed to protect more players once a current player has been drafted.

The Rochester Knighthawks will select 1st overall as a result of the Expansion Draft Coin Toss during halftime of NLL Finals Game 1 in Buffalo. There will be 11 rounds and a maximum of 22 players selected in the Expansion Draft.

The 2019-20 San Diego Seals season will begin in December at Pechanga Arena San Diego. Place your season ticket membership deposit today at

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