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Feedback From the Fans

“OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN ON FRIDAY!!!!!! Had a group of like 30 co-workers and friends and we had a blast!!! That game is so entertaining!!! <3 What a win too! I’m a LAX fan!!”

-Jenny T.

“Saturday night was a blast. The whole production and experience felt like a team that has been in the league for years. What a turn out as well. It was great seeing so many people already in Seals gear, and the merch line after the game was insane!

We were happy that you included the tradition of the post-game party. There is nothing better than being able to interact and get to know the players and staff. We got the chance to say Hi to Mr. Govett, who we met after a game in Colorado once. We also got to catch-up with Sting Phenom Dangerous Dan Dawson. It felt like he was excited to see us as we were him.”

-Brian J.

“The crowd atmosphere was amazing! People were loud and excited from start to finish. There were some exciting hits from both teams and lots of back-and-forth scoring that made the crowd get even louder and more energized. Overall it was a very cool experience, with the Seals coming back to win in the final few minutes 12-10. I’m looking forward to learning more about the team and going to as many games as I can.”

-Kevin B.

“San Diego Seals had their inaugural opener tonight – and what an AMAZING night! Seriously, if you are looking for a fun night out, kid friendly and loads of high energy lacrosse, you have to go check out a San Diego Seals game! Tonight the Seals honored one of the nicest humans Ive known for the last 12 years – Dennis Yeatman – who has done so much for the sport of lacrosse in our community, helping our youth (and my own girls) learn to love this sport and teach life lessons! At his clinic today he reminded kids at close of practice – do your homework before watching tv. Being at a Professional Lacrosse game is like being at a pro lax game AND a rock concert with sick behind the back shots ! Girls has a blast and actually had more fun tonight than they did at an NFL game!!!! I think San Diego might have found a new pro team to cheer! #chargerswho #sandiegoseals #sdseals #prolax #laxrules #cantwaitforthenextgame #welldoneSDseals”

-Laura M.

“The team threw an AMAZING event!”

-Brandon B.

“Thank you…for a fun time on Saturday!  That was my first-ever lacrosse game and I had no idea how much I would enjoy it!”

-Kira F.

“Congratulations San Diego Seals on your first win at home! Hope the fans enjoyed the game & more fans come to the next game. Couldn’t be happier for this expansion team!!”

-Susan W.

“We were there! And it was such an exciting game, we bought season tix! #sealslax #sealslacrosse”

-Christine J.

“Season opener was an amazing event! Can’t believe we made the highlight reel! Can’t wait for the next game!”

-Cary J.

“I could not love this MORE if I tried!! Bright and fun and happy!! Continued success is in your future Seals!!! #DiveIN

-Darci B.

“Great in game experience at the home opener last night!”

-Robbie H.

“What an exciting game last night. Look forward to being back!”

-Joyce M.

“SEALS WIN!!! That was legitimately the most fun I’ve had at a sporting event in a long time.”

-Gavin T.

Congratulations on a great night! We had a ton of fun. In fact, my 15 year old turned down going to the concession stand because she didn’t want to “miss anything” …

-Dominic G.

San Diego Seals