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Front Office Feature: Sean Walsh

Introduced to lacrosse in sixth grade, Sean Walsh has had a stick in his hand ever since. Walsh’s outgoing persona and friendly demeanor make people gravitate to him. A two-time All-Academic team performer at Roanoke College, the lanky midfielder decided to forgo his senior season and graduate early. It was probably for the best, as Walsh was credited with just one goal and one assist in his college career.

“I’ve always said that I would end up as a better coach than I ever was as a player. My third- and fourth-graders – maybe even my first- and second-graders – would say that I tie shoelaces pretty well.”

Loop, swoop and pull is his technique of choice, and his secret weapon as a coach is making everyone on his team feel like they’re part of something bigger. As a Mini-Marketer for the San Diego Seals, Walsh works passionately to build the team’s fanbase.

“Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, it’s really special seeing us build a lacrosse culture here in a place that isn’t known as a hotbed for the sport. We’re informing people about the beauty of lacrosse in an area (San Diego) that’s quite beautiful itself.”

He says that his role with the Seals is the result of not only a professional progression, but also a lifetime of networking. When Walsh moved to San Diego shortly after graduation, he worked in software sales. Then, onto radio advertising. Then real estate. Now he gets to promote and sell his greatest passion – lacrosse.

Nicknamed ‘Sales Sean’, the tie-wearing ticket-seller delights coworkers with Cheese Thursdays. Every week, he brings a new type and pairs it with his crackers of choice.

Honored in high school as an inaugural recipient of The HEADstrong Foundation’s Nick Colleluori Award for exemplifying courage, leadership skills and relentless attitude, Walsh undoubtedly has a bright future. For now, he’ll keep tying shoelaces and half-windsors, and spreading his love for lacrosse with everyone in San Diego.

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