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Front Office Feature: Sheri Mendon

A self-proclaimed lover of the San Diego sunshine, Sheri Mendon has settled into America’s Finest City and is ready to bring lacrosse to the community as the Director of Marketing, Promotions and Fan Development for the San Diego Seals.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Mendon grew up surrounded by sport. The Maryland native went on to study math and statistics at Winthrop University in pursuit of her dream job as a statistician for the Baltimore Orioles.

Shortly into her college career, Mendon realized that math and statistics were not her true passions. Her focus on number-crunching transitioned to producing the lights and action of the entertainment world as Mendon found her niche on the venue side of sport.

“I took an unpaid internship to get my foot in the door,” Mendon said of her experience at a radio station. There, the Winthrop senior spent the semester learning and understanding the basics of the industry.

That internship proved to be the spark that ignited her career, as the marketing guru continued to climb the professional ladder.

“In this field, you often have to relocate to get ahead,” said Mendon. And that is exactly what she did. From her first job at the entertainment amphitheater in Charlotte, N.C. to her current role in Southern California, Mendon has worked her way cross-country.

Mendon spent the last four-plus years as a Marketing Director for the Harlem Globetrotters learning how the team kept its international brand competitive and exciting for more than 90 years. She hopes to bring her skill-set to San Diego’s newest professional team and make the Seals a household name. Until then, it’s prepping for Opening Night.

“I can’t wait until the lights go down in the arena and our team is announced for the first time,” Mendon said as she counts down the days until the Seals’ inaugural season. “It will give you chills!”

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