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NLL Finals Preview with Steve Govett

The NLL Finals are about to start. As someone who has won multiple NLL Championships, what do you think is most important going into a best of three series?

I have always thought that the superstars on the teams cancel each other out.  Playoffs come down to those players that have been called upon all year to be role players for their teams, stepping up in some type of special way in big games.

Both teams have had two weeks off since the semi-finals, do you think this time has hurt or helped the guys?

Sometimes the week off is great if you are nursing some nagging minor injuries.  Tough to stay sharp when your practice schedule is limited that said, both these teams are firing on all cylinders going in to the finals and the conditions are the same for both teams.  If it was one team dealing with a week off while the other was continuing to play then it would be different.

As one of the most tenured people in the league, what would you say distinguishes top teams from the rest?

I would say that goaltending is the single biggest factor for all teams, but it seems across the board the goaltending has been fantastic in the playoffs.  If you have quality goaltending then defense wins championships, but it’s really hard to overlook the quality offenses that exist in Saskatchewan and Rochester.  Both are extremely well balanced team with great talent from top to bottom.  This will be a slug fest

Do you think having home-field advantage will help?

I think its important, but in a series that is only best 2 of 3, you just have to win one game on the road to turn the entire series to your favor.  Rush fans are some of the best in the League and make it a crazy place to play, but don’t forget that visiting teams love to play in those environments as well!

Top three guys to keep an eye out for

Ben McIntosh, always scores huge goals in every game

Matt Vinc, if he’s on, he’s the best in game

Cody Jamieson, he’s a tremendous leader and winner, just look at where the Knighthawks have been when he’s injured.

Hot take: Who wins, how many games

Rush in 3, gotta go with our Western brothers!!

San Diego Seals