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SAN DIEGO – When we unveiled our team name and logo in La Jolla cove back in October, a dive team surfaced with a 2,500 square foot banner that now hangs on the side of the Valley View Casino Center. The dive team said everything went as planned, except for one pinniped who kept poking his nose against the banner while making happy sounds. He wouldn’t leave the banner alone – or the divers, for that matter.

That pesky little seal stuck around for the past nine months insisting on becoming a permanent member of the team. Proving his loyalty one day after another, we knew we found someone special.

We found the one who will forever be a Southern Californian, who will always be a San Diego Seal. He is the one seal who will be here forever. The one who will never be traded, never leave as a free agent, will never bolt in the middle of the night and will never retire.

As Salty surfaced in Mission Bay, San Diegans had the chance to see him for the first time.

His crown of gold was bestowed upon him by San Diego sports royalty Bill Walton. The color matches the spectacular array of sunshine our city is best known for. Salty has worked himself into incredible shape as he prepares for opening night. He’s ripped, intimidating yet approachable and eager to compete.

Salty will soon be a staple throughout the San Diego community, a focus at the Seals games and someone who San Diegans can recognize anytime, anywhere. Whether he’s tossing the ball around with some kids, causing mischief or chirping at San Diego rivals, Salty is officially here to stay.

The San Diego Seals begin play in November at Valley View Casino Center. Secure your season ticket membership today to lock in the best seats at unbeatable prices at

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