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Seals Award Ten Naming Contest Winners

Two days after San Diego’s professional lacrosse team revealed its name and brand identity, the Seals awarded prizes to 10 entrants who correctly guessed the name in a contest presented by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Gregory Barone, who properly chose the Seals name on October 18, won a personalized jersey, gift cards to local restaurants, and a complete StringKing lacrosse stick.

There were thousands of entries in the two-week contest. Barone was one of 60 contestants who guessed the proper nickname.

Guesses ranged from the Lightning to the Zookeepers, and everything in between. More than 600 names were recommended.

The most common choice was Storm, selected by more than 100 entrants.

Nine first-place winners will each receive a complete lacrosse stick. They are:

  1. Bill Pfeiffer
  2. Colin Osterhout
  3. Ezra Miksic
  4. Jim Sierens
  5. Mark Sanborn
  6. Michael O’Donnell
  7. Michelle Kister
  8. Philip Grindle
  9. Thomas Wersderfer

Later this year, the team will celebrate another milestone when it unveils a commemorative jersey. The Seals, which begin play at Valley View Casino Center in November 2018, are Surfacing Soon.

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