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Seals Executive Goes ‘Behind the Smoke’

“Sports was the first reality show,” said Josh Gross, vice president of business operations for the San Diego Seals.

This was one of many quotes – and takeaways – from the executive’s debut appearance on the award-winning Behind the Smoke: BBQ War Stories podcast, which was released on Friday.

Gross joined hosts Shawn Walchef and Derek Marso, and professed the Seals’ philosophy of sports as an entertainment product. Just how good will the fan experience be when the Seals launch late this year?

“It’s our job to exceed your expectations,” exclaimed Gross.

Learn more about how the team will do so – and hear about the team’s community initiatives – by listening to Episode #039: Creating a Digital First, Fan-Focused Sports Experience in the NLL.

Warning: Introduction not suitable for children. Please skip the first 41 seconds if don’t wish to hear explicit language.

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