Fri, May 5
San Diego
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Seals in CO

What better way to know the sports and entertainment product you’re working for than to experience it yourself as a fan? That was the mindset of Seals’ president Steve Govett when he took the staff to Denver two weeks ago. He wanted the team to experience the National Lacrosse League first-hand at one of the League’s premier venues (Pepsi Center) as the Colorado Mammoth hosted the Buffalo Bandits. The reaction? Wow! From the high-energy atmosphere, to the speed and athleticism of the game, the experience was even better than advertised.

As the players were announced during introductions, the Seals staff was immediately hooked. For Kelsie Goglia, a Seals’ Mini-Marketer, this was the first lacrosse game she’d ever seen in her life.

“It blew away all of my expectations and I think it’s going to blow San Diegans away, too,” she said.

The crowd was engaged for 60 minutes of play as balls continued to find the back of the net. As fans rose to their feet with excitement, cheers and music filled Pepsi Center. As the final horn sounded and fan applause rose to a deafening pitch, The Loudest House in Lacrosse lived up to its billing.

Mike Grace, San Diego’s Director of Game Entertainment, explained, “There’s something to be said about seeing the best players in the world. When you see a game, you can really tell that they’re the best of the best. It was really cool.”

The countdown is on. The world’s best players are coming to San Diego. The Seals are #SurfacingSoon.

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