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Share a Unique Family Experience at a San Diego Seals Game

Attending a San Diego Seals lacrosse game is the ultimate family-friendly experience. It’s often challenging for young children to sit through an entire baseball or football game, but a Seals lacrosse game is different. From the electrifying crowds to the lively entertainment, the energy is enough to keep kids (and parents!) engaged for the entire game. 

The Box Lacrosse Experience

If you’re new to the Seals or box lacrosse in general, the Seals are one of the 15 franchises in the National Lacrosse League (NLL), a league with the world’s best players. 

The experience at a box lacrosse game is similar to hockey, as it’s played on a hockey rink with turf to cover the ice. Plays are faster, goals are smaller, and the thrill of the game is undeniable. Our whole family loves exhilarating high-scoring sports, and box lacrosse games in the NLL average 25 goals per game—talk about an adrenaline-filled experience.

Another distinct feature of the game is that professional box lacrosse is more contact-based than field lacrosse, meaning there will be lots of exciting physical play and bone-crushing hits. Compared to outdoor lacrosse, box lacrosse is a faster, more precise game requiring excellent skill and hyper-focus from players.

The Venue

Pechanga Arena San Diego, which has hosted the Seals since 2019, has been home to family-friendly sporting events, concerts, and family shows since the 1960s.

The arena is perfect for family outings, with an easy-to-navigate layout. Because lacrosse games have end-to-end action, there are no bad seats. It’s easy to have a great time regardless of budget, with lower-level seats starting at just $20.

A Seamless Game Day

Here are some tips for a smooth game day if you’re going with kids.

  • The Fun Starts Early: Arrive early to catch the teams warming up on the field. Sometimes there are even fun surprises ahead of the game, such as mascot activities and celebrity characters.

  • Get Ready for Pictures: Keep an eye out for photo opportunities with Salty! Our kids love him. Take the time to look for him, and you’ll have a great photo memory from the game. You’re also sure to love the Sirens Dance Team hyping up the crowd with their routines and fan engagement, and there are plenty of photo opportunities with the dancers. 
  • Stay in the Know: Check the Seals website for info regarding the team and upcoming games. The Seals’ offense for the 2022-23 season is making waves across the league, and there are a few players you’ll want to keep your eyes on. Plus, the site has articles and info about upcoming theme nights, promos, and ways they give back to the community.
  • Take Your Experience to the Next Level: Upgrade your family to The Cove; the premier field-side hospitality suites are directly behind the goal. There’s no better fieldside experience in sports!

Gear Up for the Season

If you want this unique experience on your family’s calendar, the Seals’ regular season runs from December through April. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!


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