Press Release

So, what’s next?

We announced our General Manager and Head Coach. Hey, Patrick Merrill. The coaching staff was built out with the addition of Josh Sanderson and Bill Greer. The NLL division finals await. And here we are, so what’s next for us?

The biggest coin toss of our lives will be our next step. This coin toss pits us against the Philadelphia Wings to decide which team will own the first pick in July’s Expansion Draft, and which will pick first in September’s Entry Draft.

Existing teams will be allowed to protect 10 players and a goalie. Any players left unprotected could make up the first Seals and Wings roster. Oh, by the way, this worked out pretty well for the Vegas Golden Knights.

July 16th is a big deal in Seals world. July 16th is the day we get our first players. We will get our pick at one unprotected player from each current NLL team, and we will finally have official players in Seals’ jerseys.

Fast-forward to August 1 when free agency opens. Patrick Merrill and his team will be hard at work signing players and inviting them to training camp. The NLL will host an open combine in San Diego on August 11, which will be open to the public.

The much-anticipated Entry Draft follows a month later. This will yield the top talent from recent college graduates, as well as those who just finished their Jr. A careers in Canada. Training camp opens in the fall. Players who make the team will live out their life-long dreams. San Diego will have another major league team.

Get excited – things are starting to happen!

San Diego Seals