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You Should Go to a San Diego Seals Game. Here’s Why.

While most professional sporting events offer a fun experience, there’s something specifically unique and remarkable about a San Diego Seals game. I had no idea what to expect when I went to my first game, and I was blown away by the action on the field and the party-like atmosphere permeating the arena. Attending a Seals game is seriously the most thrilling sporting experience in San Diego. The games are perfect for anyone looking for a new and entertaining evening with thousands of San Diego’s finest fans.

Getting the Party Started

At a Seals game, you’ll immediately feel like you stepped into the hottest party in town, from the sounds of DJ Mancat playing your favorite hits over the speakers—even when the ball is in play—to the Sirens Dance Team and Salty the mascot pumping up the crowd with their routines and fan engagement. During every game break, a hilarious contest or audience participation activity is sure to make you laugh. And then there’s the fast-paced action on the field, which is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed.

I played lacrosse growing up, but professional box lacrosse takes the game to a new level. The ball flies around the field from player to player in the blink of an eye. A shot clock runs every time a team has possession, so if a shot isn’t taken within 30 seconds, it goes to the other team. 30 seconds! It takes longer to reheat leftovers. This creates a ton of action, resulting in high-scoring games. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the physicality of each player keeps even the most sport-adverse person hooked. Players regularly hit each other with their sticks, aggressively push others out of the way, and get into full-blown fights on the field. The camaraderie of heart-pumping excitement always has the entire crowd cheering for the Seals.

Embracing the Fanfare

All sporting events have cheering fans, but at a Seals game, the audience takes the fandom a step further. You’ll spot attendees in costumes, painted bellies and faces, matching outfits, and homemade get-ups. Many of the chants at a Seals game veer away from the traditional “defense” chants and include references to pop culture, local wildlife, and San Diego traditions. The fans also aren’t afraid to make fun of the opposing team and their hometown. Here are a few of the specialty cheers so you can join in on the fun!

Sponsored by Kings & Convicts (a great local brewery), the Seals have created hilarious cheers about their branded penalty boxes. When a Seals player receives a penalty, they get sent to the “Royal Throne,” but when a player from the opposing team receives a penalty, they get sent to the “Sin Bin.” As the opposing team’s player walks to the box, the entire crowd yells, “Shame! Shame!”—a nod to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

As if this creative form of booing wasn’t enough, the entire night is filled with quirky moments of fan participation. One of my favorites is when a gopher pops up on the jumbotron to lead the crowd through Queen’s “Ay-Oh.” As the gopher plays the role of Freddy Mercury, the fans repeat in unison.

The Seals’ Game Experience

Attending a Seals game is one of the most memorable experiences in America’s Finest City. The Seals have continued to give back to the San Diego community, both by working with local non-profits and by putting on the most thrilling sporting experience in town. The games are guaranteed to hook and entertain you during the unique, affordable experience.

Alright, now you’ve done your research. You know the action on the field will be wild and the atmosphere electric. My last tip before purchasing your tickets and heading out for a Seals game is to have fun—no matter who you go with or what you have going on, once you enter the arena, you’ll be immersed in the lively Seals experience and fandom.


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