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2017-18 Schedule Announced

PHILADELPHIA – The National Lacrosse League (NLL), the largest men’s professional indoor lacrosse league in the world, announced the 2017-18 NLL regular season schedule on Friday, marking the 32nd year of professional indoor lacrosse. The 81-game season, consisting of 18 games per team, will begin with the start of NLL Face Off Weekend on Friday, Dec. 8 with the New England Black Wolves hosting last year’s champion, the Georgia Swarm, while the Buffalo Bandits host the Toronto Rock in a great East Division rivalry matchup. The Colorado Mammoth will visit the Vancouver Stealth in a West playoff rematch from last season, in the opening night tripleheader. To round out Week 1, the Calgary Roughnecks will travel east to take on the Rochester Knighthawks on Saturday, Dec. 9 at 4:30 p.m. PT.

“We take great pride in developing the best possible schedule for both our fans and teams, and are thrilled to finally release the official 2017–2018 NLL schedule,” said NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz. “Coming off of the San Diego announcement I could not be any more excited to get this season underway. With three opening night matchups of Georgia vs New England, Toronto vs Buffalo, and Colorado vs Vancouver on December 8, our fans will experience no shortage in action. Having a full year of NLL TV under our belts, we are especially excited to build on that experience with even more content and coverage this season.”

1 8-Dec-17 GA NE 4:30PM
1 8-Dec-17 TOR BUF 4:30PM
1 8-Dec-17 COL VAN 7:30PM
1 9-Dec-17 CGY ROC 4:30PM
2 15-Dec-17 VAN CGY 6:00PM
2 16-Dec-17 SAS TOR 4:00PM
3 23-Dec-17 BUF ROC 4:30PM
3 23-Dec-17 NE SAS 5:30PM
3 23-Dec-17 GA COL 6:00PM
4 29-Dec-17 VAN NE 4:30PM
4 29-Dec-17 COL CGY 6:00PM
4 30-Dec-17 BUF TOR 4:00PM
4 30-Dec-17 ROC GA 4:05PM
5 6-Jan-18 SAS GA 4:05PM
5 6-Jan-18 CGY BUF 4:30PM
5 6-Jan-18 TOR VAN 7:00PM
6 12-Jan-18 ROC TOR 4:30PM
6 13-Jan-18 NE ROC 4:30PM
6 13-Jan-18 VAN BUF 4:30PM
6 13-Jan-18 SAS COL 6:00PM
6 13-Jan-18 GA CGY 6:00PM
7 19-Jan-18 BUF SAS 5:30PM
7 20-Jan-18 COL GA TBD
7 21-Jan-18 ROC NE 11:00AM
8 26-Jan-18 VAN COL 6:30PM
8 27-Jan-18 NE TOR 4:00PM
8 27-Jan-18 SAS CGY 6:00PM
8 27-Jan-18 GA VAN 7:00PM
9 2-Feb-18 SAS COL 6:30PM
9 3-Feb-18 CGY TOR 4:00PM
9 3-Feb-18 BUF ROC 4:30PM
9 3-Feb-18 VAN SAS 5:30PM
10 9-Feb-18 BUF NE 4:30PM
10 10-Feb-18 GA BUF 4:30PM
10 10-Feb-18 TOR ROC 5:00PM
10 10-Feb-18 COL CGY 6:00PM
10 10-Feb-18 SAS VAN 7:00PM
10 11-Feb-18 ROC GA 3:05PM
11 16-Feb-18 VAN CGY 6:00PM
11 17-Feb-18 TOR GA 4:05PM
11 17-Feb-18 SAS ROC 4:30PM
11 18-Feb-18 COL NE 11:00AM
12 24-Feb-18 ROC BUF 4:30PM
12 24-Feb-18 CGY SAS 5:30PM
12 24-Feb-18 NE VAN 7:00PM
13 3-Mar-18 GA TOR 4:00PM
13 3-Mar-18 VAN SAS 5:30PM
13 3-Mar-18 BUF COL 6:00PM
14 10-Mar-18 GA ROC 4:30PM
14 10-Mar-18 CGY COL 6:00PM
14 11-Mar-18 NE TOR 12:00PM
15 16-Mar-18 SAS BUF 4:30PM
15 16-Mar-18 TOR NE 4:30PM
15 17-Mar-18 ROC CGY 6:00PM
15 17-Mar-18 COL VAN 7:00PM
15 18-Mar-18 BUF GA 1:05PM
16 23-Mar-18 BUF NE 4:30PM
16 24-Mar-18 NE GA 4:05PM
16 24-Mar-18 TOR CGY 6:00PM
16 24-Mar-18 VAN COL 6:00PM
16 24-Mar-18 ROC SAS 6:30PM
17 30-Mar-18 COL TOR 4:30PM
17 31-Mar-18 COL ROC 4:30PM
17 31-Mar-18 NE BUF 4:30PM
17 31-Mar-18 CGY VAN 7:00PM
18 7-Apr-18 COL SAS 6:30PM
18 8-Apr-18 CGY NE 11:00AM
18 8-Apr-18 TOR GA 1:05PM
19 13-Apr-18 ROC TOR 4:30PM
19 13-Apr-18 SAS VAN 7:30PM
19 14-Apr-18 NE COL 6:00PM
19 14-Apr-18 BUF CGY 6:00PM
19 14-Apr-18 GA SAS 6:30PM
20 21-Apr-18 NE ROC 4:30PM
20 21-Apr-18 TOR BUF 4:30PM
20 21-Apr-18 CGY VAN 7:00PM
21 28-Apr-18 VAN GA 4:05PM
21 28-Apr-18 ROC BUF 4:30PM
21 28-Apr-18 TOR COL 6:00PM
21 28-Apr-18 CGY SAS 6:30PM
21 29-Apr-18 GA NE 2:00PM

San Diego NLL will begin play next November in the 2018-19 NLL season. Click here to place your deposit and become a season ticket member.