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YMCA Jr. Seals Lacrosse Clinics

San Diego Seals Partner with YMCA

The San Diego Seals are proud to partner with the YMCA of San Diego County to create opportunity and access for any child or teen who wants to participate in the exciting sport of lacrosse through our weekly YMCA Jr. Seals lacrosse clinics, located at 7 YMCA branches across San Diego County.


Through the YMCA and San Diego Seals partnership, the YMCA Jr. Seals lacrosse clinics will give young athletes an introduction to the exciting game of lacrosse. YMCA staff and volunteer coaches, trained by professionals from the San Diego Seals, will lead engaging lacrosse activities, teach game strategy and facilitate fun scrimmages for all players. These lacrosse clinics will be a noncontact version of lacrosse using a softer ball and protective equipment is not required. The YMCA, with help from the San Diego Seals, will provide lacrosse sticks and equipment during these clinics.

The focus of these clinics is on building self-esteem, friendships and lifting up kids, emotionally and physically, through activities in which they can grow, learn and thrive in their local communities. Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country and we are excited to significantly enhance access to the sport of lacrosse in all communities throughout San Diego County.

These exciting new youth lacrosse clinics will be hosted at 7 of our participating branches: Copley-Price Family YMCA, Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, Mission Valley YMCA, Toby Wells YMCA, Rancho Family YMCA and Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA. Be sure to note that prices, dates and ages of participants vary based on the Y.

With support from the San Diego Seals, the YMCA Jr. Seals Lacrosse Clinics will be FREE to participants at our Copley-Price and Jackie Robinson Family YMCA locations.

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